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Jordan Aero Mania Low real object appreciation 2013-12-08 23:04:19 Jordan Brand earlier network exposure to NCAA three college teams were launched in the three different color Jordan Aero Mania, and recently Jordan Aero Mania low version of the exposure on the network, and then the exposure of the information it sold, love friends can look at. 〈br air="" jordan="" ix="" spy="" photos="" france="" blue="" color="" 2013-12-08="" 22:13:23in="" addition="" to="" Air Jordan IX blue color photos, also recently exposed again clearly as the French blue color Air Jordan IX. The French blue of this year is roughly the same as the 2002 version, but the bottom is replaced by the real French blue, while the large one uses an approximate milky white collocation. There is no definite information yet, but the possibility of the luminous material outsole is not ruled a lot of sports in the project will cause the inconvenience of myopia, riding is also the case. What kind of solution is more convenient to ride a bike? riders who knows riding glasses, not only to wind sand anti bug, professional, handsome, comparator pulls the boom, instantly making the own force grid upgrade. The most important is to protect the eyes, the importance of absolutely no less than the helmet. can choose to wear some cheyouhui general sunglasses, put the sunglasses lenses for degree of lens. Due to lack of docile face, wind and light entering from the lens and the cheek gap. In the course of riding, fall or be hit by a foreign bo Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale dy, the lens is easy to break. If you want to wear down the face of the special cycling glasses, but also can overcome the problem of myopia, can consider the following three ways. high economy riding glasses with contact lenses if you can get used to wearing contact lenses, then directly to wear general riding glasses, more convenient and affordable. If usually do not wear contact lenses habits, also can buy daily disposable contact lenses, but are most afraid of the moment can not be used, so if you want to is worn in long-distance riding or match invisible glasses and a riding glasses, best usually will have to get used to a contact lens wear, so as not to affect the safe ride. high convenient riding glasses frame the arc lens myopia glasses riding and riding glasses no different, in the inner side of the riding glasses installed inside the box is a group of myopia lens, riders as long as according to their degree to match the lens can be. Hanging type myopia frame price center, also easy to wear. but due to riding glasses originally docile face, and hanging myopia frame, lens from the eye is very close, sweat lens soon will blur; parallax problem, so configuration mode and general optical lens is not the same, the glasses store professional degree is more important; hung in myopia lens, just like two pair of lenses additive, heavy weight, long time wearing down tired easily. The thickness of the lens, the more close to the eye, the above does not adapt to the symptoms will be more obvious. high adapt jordans on sale mens ability riding glasses with optical lenses optical lens is mounted on the riding glasses lens, which can overcome the problem of myopia. Special motion optical lens, the camber and safety performance and ride glasses fit with goggles lens coating, not accustomed to wear contact lenses riders, wearing riding glasses lens, method is suitable and comfortable, but the price is relatively expensive and a lot of, the same limitations of myopia. you can choose the appropriate method of myopia riders according to their own situation, make riding more comfortable!Shoes Air Jordan X Retro Name: NikeYear of issue: 2005 ( the first version launched on 1994)Wear the player: Michael JordanThe main technology: Air SoleRecommended reason: trapeze ( Air Jordan ) Series classic, mainly in order to reflect the commemorative significance mainlySummary of evaluation: absolute in the traditional sense of basketball shoes, with the most simple and the most simple designSale price: the current market price of about 800 yuanToday, when you try to through the Nike Air Jordan XX to understand some and Jordan and trapeze ( Air Jordan ) series of related things, please at the same time also do not forget Nike Air Jordan X existence -- yes, and Nike Air Jordan XX Nike Air Jordan X is compared, is not nothing new and high-tech products, but relative to the Nike Air Jordan XX relies on the Laser laser engraving technology and with the help of I.P.S. cushioning system recorded in history, Nike Air Jordan X in their own words to record the jordans on sale online soles to Jordan before half paragraphs occupation career and the story seems to be more exciting, because of the more people like Jordan, by the Nike Air Jordan X records the glorious years really worth careful aftertaste, at the same time, it is because of this, so the Nike Air Jordan X in respecting the history of people's eyes, will become precious.Nike Air Jordan X launched in 1994, from a design perspective, Nike Air Jordan X actually not too many eye-catching place, in addition to its upper those similar to the zebra stripes at some time as can attract people's eyes, mainly presents the simple design style of the Nike Air Jordan X is almost never be good at using their own details and characteristics to attract attention. However, even if that is so, there is still a lot of people on the Nike Air Jordan X showed a different degree of obsession, the reason is very simple: Nike Air Jordan X is a mainly embodies commemorative shoes, it really fascinating is that use words to record Jordan first half sole occupation career, for some people, the Nike Air Jordan X with a simple beauty is its most prominent design highlights, and as far as the sole text, they present, is a section of it is evident to anyone and will often be people talk about the beautiful story.Should say, Nike Air Jordan X commemorates Jordan in 1993 and retired special design, but no one thought, in less than two years time, Jordan will beyond all expectations of the announced comeback, so in the Jordan a inspire people "I'm back", whic Retro jordans for sale h should have been as mark Jordan retired shoes, turned out to be a strange combination of circumstances become welcome Jordan regression of the best gift.We need to bear in mind is that together with history:In 1993 October, Michael Jordan held a press conference, he said at the press conference they no longer need to on the basketball court to prove anything, so he chose to retire;In 1994 March, Jordan as a new first in baseball debut, but unfortunately, in baseball, he is not with the black skin of god;In 1994 September, Jordan attended a charity basketball game held in Chicago, in that game, in Nike Air Jordan X debut of Jordan scored 52 points, he is on the basketball court, again perfect performance and awakened many fans deeply hidden in the bottom of my heart that love;In 1994 November, the Chicago bulls for Jordan 's No. 23 Jersey retirement ceremony was held, all sorts of signs, Nike Air Jordan X is likely to become the Jordan in the occupation career by wearing a shoe last;In 1995 March, the phrase " I'm back ", Jordan once again returned to the familiar with him on the basketball court, at the moment, his feet in the shoes is Nike Air Jordan X;In 1995 March, the regular season in a match, Jordan and his teammates Scott Pippin wore the same gym shoes in battle -- yes, that is the Nike Air Jordan X, a welcome return to Jordan, and Jordan in the first half of the occupation career honor all the records of one one treasures in the world.when buying a new car, you will pay attention to the design an air jordan 11 space jam for sale d material of the crank, but few people will pay attention to the length of the crank. Through the professional Fitting Bike service, can more accurately assess the suitable crank length. Prior to this, this article will help us to judge whether it is too long or too short. in depth study of this issue, whether there is a "optimum length" of the crank it? On this issue there are both positive and negative statements, but the length of the crank really has a relationship with you? at the present time, there are a variety of computing the mathematical formulation of the crank length, although not accurate in place, but also can yet be regarded as a reference value, such as your crotch high x 0.216. Or is that your thigh bone (in inches as a unit) is equal to the length of the crank (cm). Or, the crank length should be 9.7% of your height. Obviously, the body structure of each person is the one and only, can not use mathematical formulas to generalize. For example, there are two height exactly the same driver, their bone of the thigh and leg (tibia and fibula), a foot bone does not necessarily equal, or even say high hip is also different. As far as the individual is concerned, your ankle and hip flexibility will not be the same. So don't give the mathematical formula to the Bible. Can be used as a reference. so, how do you know that your crank length is correct? The key lies in the riding comfort and efficiency. If you find: - do you feel a little pain in the knee, hip or lower back - when you step on the l cheap foamposites ight tooth high, the body will beat - you are always the first to stand up and shake the car when you enter the mountain road - your seat is very high, even minor mm, and it will have a dramatic effect on ...... If you have the above symptoms, then your crank may be too long. longer crank requires better flexibility and core strength. If you have tried a variety of adjustments, still can not overcome the knee pain, hip pain and other issues, perhaps for a shorter set of crank can help. If you are less than 180 cm tall, the use of 170mm or 172.5mm of the crank can improve the performance and comfort. this seems to be contrary to common sense; in accordance with the point of view of mechanics, the longer crank means greater leverage and power, is not it? Is not entirely, in fact the longer the crank can only give you greater torque. And torque (Torque) and power (Power) both are not the same concept, many people engage in mixed. Torque is measured by torque. Power is the speed of the work which is the energy consumed in the unit time. You can get more energy and work faster. Longer crank can bring better lever effect (Niu Li), but they can't produce the strength to move forward in the end. But why don't you get extra torque? Because it also brings shortcomings. longer crank is not conducive to sprint, and it is not easy to maintain the rotation of the shorter crank.Reebok's classic shoes Pump was born 25th anniversary do joint planning continues, the day before the brand invited well-known shoe store LimitED jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black itions in Barcelona to launch a new round of joint cooperation, the designer's inspiration from the famous clown fish with Purple Suede and nubuck leather stitching material to create shoes, details with the pink modification. White and purple shades in the bottom is attractive, it is reported that the shoes had landed on the designated Reebok store sales, love friends may wish to look at. Nike Roshe Run Canvas "Anthracite 2013-12-08 23:00:54" tour map had been reported Nike popular shoes one of Roshe Run this time for everyone to bring the new color Nike Roshe Run Canvas "Anthracite" the shoes with full canvas material to build, upper middle to deep blue cotton cloth pattern series, color with deep color tone, and white is the classic elements of fashion, this shoe will be officially on sale in March. Interested friends may wish to pay attention to the next oh.0.jpg (398.42 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2016-2-25 14:54 upload 1.jpg (348.52 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2016-2-25 14:54 upload 2.jpg (331.42 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2016-2-25 14:54 upload 3.jpg (248.83 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2016-2-25 14:54 upload 4.jpg (370.46 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2016-2-25 14:54 upload 5.jpg (374.74 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2016-2-25 14:54 upload 6.jpg (3 cheap air jordans 13.83 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2016-2-25 14:54 upload summerc05ecca2042a976700416376d3c7d79d.jpg (57.1 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2012-11-29 11:28 upload weave, local people, Prada, spring and summerJordan Brand collaboration with Bugs Bunny has not yet finished following the Air Jordan 1 Mid "Hare" on stage, the same color will also appear in the Air Jordan 1 Low low shoe do not know there is no exploration shoe to experience this weekend while looking at the adidas Adidas Energy Boost key, so far heard on after my feelings are unspeakable comfort! Don't try doesn't matter, take a look at our Adidas to London South Gate City stores real shooting for you, also provide listed outlets for reference point, dealers will work in the shop today received the information before supplement to everyone! direct store listed shop point Beijing station (3/16 re-open) (02) 2552-7632 Guangsan Taichung (04) Mitsukoshi Taichung (04) 2259-9735 / left shinPUMA and its global creative director Rihanna the FENTY PUMA by in the classic series Rihanna The Creeper since 2015, the first Creeper after the release of this pair of strong punk rock elements with thick bottom shoes that in one fell swoop started Rihanna foot movement design domain name. PUMA FENTY Creeper 2017 summer new Taiwan area will be available in Limited store outlets from April 13th. PUMA FENTY Creeper, the hugely popular, not only by the stre buy cheap jordans online ets, and other fields are welcome, even in the last year (2016) by the American Association of footwear retail and Fashion Footwear Association jointly sponsored the "annual shoes" more glory held shoe Award for outstanding achievement in. PUMA classic shoes Suede as the prototype, with exaggerated thick bottom Creeper with strong punk rock elements, to show the full Rihanna unique and crazy rebellious character. 2017 spring and summer, the first new Creeper, in addition to retaining signs, thick bottom design, but also the use of innovative leather uppers, black and white color. Bright black leather showing a variety of texture on the surface of light irradiation and different angles of refraction, echoes the design concept of Creeper is not conservative, bold innovation and change; white leather texture is out of simple texture level, show the bad yet stylish elegance height. PUMA FENTY Cracked Creeper in April 13th in Taiwan Limited shop point of sale, with black and white color, male and female ruler section have, priced 4880 yuan, more product information, please contact: (02) 8751-5160. store information PUMA, the South Gate City Tel: address: Taipei City, Zhongshan North Road No. 2426 - 7 〉 address: Taipei City, three Roosevelt Road No. 312 1 floor address: Taipei City, Nanjing West Road 1〉NIKE in the United States today held Kevin the latest generation of Durant shoes - KD VI endorsement will be released, to open up a fresh outlook global media who came to East in Washington Sea jordan 3 katrina 2018 t Pleasant in the region, held here is because this is a side of the stadium - Seat Pleasant Kevin Durant stadium is at a young age every hard place, around KD is full of memories of growing up is Kevin Durant, the house, the coach outdoor performance enhancing Devil Hills, but also with the local bull outdoor friends. The conference invited Kevin Durant "Lady" deity came to field by revealing the new shoes veil, also invited to share the main designer Leo Chang took eighteen months to elaborate the latest works. The NIKE KD VI is mainly to the concept of "precision" and "performance" is the most important element, also shows his more mature multi play, Kevin Durant attack tools already let him become the team to prevent the object, but this doesn't stop his high scores in the film he described the time of the "precision" in the training and the importance on the field. Feature=player_embedded& v=0cMWNpXBZlI to watch as the actual reference elements of NIKE VI in the KD brand with gogo logo engraved in the bottom thread as a symbol of senior watch, and in addition, a multi-level structure such as the bottom and upper composite material, in addition to the symbol Kevin Durant from point guard to center can carry offensive and wisdom, but also with reference to the complex feeling that the staggered laminated core structure. scene also showed a variety of colors including NIKE, iD styles and the first light yellow / green color Teal combination is named "Seat Pleasant", because it is the color to note from doormat to visit Seat Pleasant designer at the venue, after fine-tuning later became the representative color of Kevin Durant. tongue design special ingenuity, with 6 KD number 35 plus symbol sixth generation shoes, you can look for a long time, should be able to see to Kevin Durant at the event said repeatedly to return to the venue and hosted activities is of great significance to him, not just went back to their hometown also hope that in the heart of the children to know self exercise is organic will continue to encourage early days, even with the field to participate in the activities of the day we could have done better than him! Seat P!, who was personally involved in the opening of the flagship store in Taipei, Adidas, saw the store's decor and furnishings for the first time and fully understood how rich the products and services offered at its flagship store were. Also set up a new flagship store in New York has many stores around the world the day before Adidas, with four buildings as the basis, and the use of the stadium concept classic design, for it to create a perfect shopping environment. It also offers Mi Adidas customized services and offers unique options such as insoles with 'NYC' printed on them. In addition, the store's furnishings are also surrounded by many athletes, the most important of which is to place the statue of Adidas founder Adi Dassler so as to show respect for everything created. In the rest of the space, in addition to personal experience in the stadium, the sports products are also available, including jogging, basketball, football, skateboarding and so on, can be collected here. At present, the new EQT series, as well as Taiwan Fu Reigning Champ X Adidas just listed are also in this stage, for the future have the opportunity to the United States Geological shoe is arguably more a good place for a pilgrimage! source: HYPEBEAST/Sole Collectoradidas Crazy 1, as the first pair of shoes named "Kobe Bryant" in Adidas, has a very important significance. And the design of the cooperation with AUDI, so far has given us a deep impression. After a series of return to several original colors, Adidas Crazy 1 'Metallic Silver' will also be reproduced. The upper part is made of metal silver color matching, and the shoes are covered with fine hair lines, as if the sports car is painted as eye-catching. source: Modern NotorietyUnder Armour Curry 3Zer0 blue color area of Taiwan is now on sale, price 4980 yuan NT$male models. Under Armour Taiwan is already available at Facebook's outlets. For more details, please refer to the following links. The actual selling methods, mechanisms and locations are subject to the notice of the store owners. The shoes sold more messages can also be a reference station listing report. Under Armour Taiwan source: Foot, Locker, CanadaIn recent years, brands have played a trump card engraved, Adidas not fall behind, from the previous 8 to Adidas Crazy Adidas Top Ten 2000? Can find shoes retro even with new color collocation for full of new technology shoes market is very influential. This Adidas Real Dea? By former NBA Walker Antoine star Searl Feldman? For, I personally for this 90s function other shoes are very interested, almost every time is very consistent with my appetite. At present, foreign websites sold openly in the three Adidas Real Deal light color, three color retro shoes to give a fresh sense of vitality, hand with retro shoes will be reborn in a new field! Interested friends can through the online shop to buy Concepts??. source: counterkicksNIKEiD customization system can be said to meet us on the shoe body color imagination, although some high cost than the general market to, but to design their own favorite color, is a very interesting and happy thing? The official Air Zoom KD recently for 9 new Multi-Color and KD Rorschach two options, the former is the color woven materials widely acclaimed and popular, has a very rich visual effect on the overall shape, the second option is to let the author specially searches a single word meaning, it is a virtual Rorschach the hero role in 1986 appeared on DC in the comic book, the name comes from the hero's name set, there are special patterns in the upper section is on his behalf after wearing a face mask of the ink lines as Rorschach test changes, in addition to face also symbolizes the Rorschach black and white values. All of the above options are open for subscription, and interested friends may go to NIKEiD for production. source: WearTesters / Wikipedia